Supplemental Materials

Districts use the Supplemental page to collect resumes, cover letters, transcripts, and any other document(s) they need.

Each district designs its own supplemental page, so certain documents may or may not be required. As a general rule, if the supplemental page lists general document names, we recommend you upload all the documents listed. 

The maximum limit for a document file size is 2 MB. If your file is 2 MB or larger, you will need to reduce the file to perform the upload. While PDF is your best file type, the system accepts "doc," "tif," "tiff," "pdf," "jpg," "jpeg," "gif," "png," "txt," and "bmp" files. Ensure the file is saved on your hard drive with the extension (such as .doc) and that you do not change the file name when you select it in the upload form. 

Quick Tip: If you want to add a different cover letter for each vacancy, you should include the vacancy in the title of the letter. This helps the district differentiate between the letters. 

Please contact the hiring district if you have any questions about the required documents. 


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