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Certifications are specific to the district's state. This means that applicants who apply to a district within a state (such as Illinois, for example), will complete a certification with questions that pertain to that state's education certification (which in this example would be the Illinois education certification). 

All districts ask if you hold the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards certification. 


The second question asks if you hold or anticipate the district's state license.

If you answer "No," the system will prompt you to answer additional questions. 


If you answer "Yes, License is Anticipated," the system will ask how you plan to obtain licensure in the district's state and will require you to list what type of licensure you will be receiving. 


If you answer "Yes, License is currently held," the system will require that you list what type of licensure you currently hold. 


If you hold an out-of-state license, answer "Yes" and add the license information in the required boxes. 


If you do not see your in-state license or endorsement listed, please contact the hiring organization to have it added to their certification list.